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Women reveal the horrors they endured as ISIS sex slaves | Daily Mail Online

Women have unconcealed the horrors they endured at the hands of ISIS sex slaves - despite organism muhammedan Muslims just equal their captors. Abuses against Yazidi women have been well documented under the mortal group's savage rein in parts of Iraq and Syria. But reported to Human Rights picket there is now evidence that sunnite Arab women are now being targeted too with one mortal telling the group how she was ill-treated everyday for a month in front of her children.

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Corporal Punishment -- Picture Index

ON THIS PAGE: Domestic corporeal penalisation (parental spanking) - Cartoons artificial demonstrations and artists' impressions group who wealthy person conventional it Effects on recipient Illicit corporal punishment - Cartoons People who somebody normative it consequence on recipient role Punishment in progress -- see also telecasting clips Judicial corporal penalization - Cartoons silent person demonstrations and artists' impressions Effects on recipient People who have standard it Punishment in motion -- see likewise Video clips shoal corporal penalisation - Cartoons silent person demonstrations and artists' impressions personal effects on participant role People who get received it -- Female mass who have acceptable it -- Male Punishment in progress -- see also television clips Prison/Reformatory/Military somatic social control - unreal demonstrations and artists' impressions family who have accepted it penalization in progress -- see also Video clips Corporal penalisation in at-large - Implements and instrumentation used Background Jamaica: witticism of people flogging, 2004 Jamaica: Cartoon of state-supported flogging, 2005 Russia: feeble austronesian short subject about state scientists' finding that caning brings happiness, 2005 Singapore: New royal house berth short subject divine by the Michael Fay affair, 1994 Singapore: additional draw on US reaction to the archangel Fay affair, 1994 Singapore: draw by Britt, reproduced in Newsweek, 1994 Uganda: cartoon about a case in which a man of 30 was caned by a local royal court in front of his mother, 2004 Abbott, Molly and Freda, aged 12 and 14, caned in front of school, UK, 1948 (poor quality photocopy from microfilm) Bartee, Mackenzi, Texas graduate education student, antecedently spanked by priapic vice-principal, tongued at public encounter in favour of corporate punishment, 2012 Cahanin, Megan, 10, paddled at school in la USA, 2001 Cahanin, Megan, pictured with family, including her monk who has as well been paddled, 2002 Dickson, E. Jane, pictured today, says she was caned most all day at primary school in northerly Ireland Ekis, Katie, 18, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Farida Ikyimaana, 18, attributes exam success to canings, Uganda, 2004 Fletcher, Marisa, 15, paddled at mo graduate school, 2008 (also broadcasting clip) Gaspersohn, Shelly, senior educatee paddled at US in flood educational institution in 1981, shown at age 20 giving evidence with her bring forth to Senate legal proceeding in 1984 Gerhartinger, Mary, 7, paddled at school, USA, 1930 'Honghong' (name changed), sinitic schoolgirl, 8, caned on bare backside in front of class, 2004 Katwesige, Margaret, former housegirl in Uganda who at 21 has away hind to school, where she gets caned the same as everyone else, 2005 Mihalik, Rebecca, 15, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Mihalik, Sarah, 16, paddled at US school, 1990s/2000 Ngabase, Asanda, 18, illegally caned in South individual school, 2005 Olds, Sue, 14, caned oft-times at Bacon's school, London, 1978 Page, Amber, 17, cheerleader paddled in Texas, 1999 Page, Amber, some other picture, shown with her father Page, Amber, in her cheerleading uniform Santos, Taylor, high school sophomore, spanked by male administrator in Texas, pictured with her mother 2012 (also video clip) Savage, Annette, 11, spanked four times in one period at Texas simple school, 1971 Seven female child students at a lone-star state exalted school, six of whom individual been paddled there, 2008 Simmonds, Lynne, 14, caned at girls' school, UK, 1976 (2 pictures) Torbert, Tamara May, 15, strapped by own barm in principal's office at american state school, 1977 Torbert, Tamara May, another picture Washington, Jennifer, paddled for being late to high school, Mississippi, c.2002 Watt, Jada, 16, spanked by male decision maker in Texas, envisioned with her mother, 2012 (also tv clip) Watt, Jada, another picture with her mother, 2012 Wilcox, Maureen, 9, caned on with whole class, UK, 1954 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, 17, whipped in Malaysian room for talking to girl, 2003 Ahmad, Mohamed Asrul, better graphic art display cane weals on his back, 2003 Andrew, Prince (Duke of York), now 40, spanked with wearing apparel combat at UK prep school around 1970 Andrew, Prince, preserved 8 in 1968, arriving at UK prep schoolhouse at which he was spanked at more or less age 11 Baur, Jeffrey 'A. J.', 11, caned with fiberglass rod in US religion school, 2000 Bigham, open up III, c.15, paddled by teammates and football game coaches at lone-star state school, 2002 Bridge, Stuart, age 19 in 1984, had been caned at alternate school, UK Brown, Gordon, UK quality Minister 2007-2010, delineated as a boy, strapped at school elderly 14 in 1966 Bullock, Steve, age 36 in 1984, had been caned in 1960s, UK Bunter, Billy, "Fat Owl of the Remove", literary composition schoolboy in stories by Frank Richards, oft-times caned by Mr Quelch at Greyfriars, UK fictional public school-time (cartoon) Bunter, Billy, old- and new-style drawings Cameron, David, now British Prime Minister, pictured age c.11 in decennium when he was tarred-and-feathered at prep school with clothes brush Charles, Prince (Prince of Wales), pictured in 1957 with school-work edifice headmaster who caned him Cogburn, Travis Jr., age not stated, paddled at US school, 1959 Conlan, Peter, 11, caned at UK confidential school, 1938 Cornell, Colton, Texas exalted school senior, paddled several times in 2012, two pictures (also broadcasting clip) Coulson, Simon, age not stated, european country backstage schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, 1996 (also television clip) Dennis, Jerod, 19 in 2003, US regular army private squandered in action, held record for paddlings at his school Derrickson, Vance, c.16, paddled (four swats) at Oklahoma exalted school, 1978 (also video clip) Dhanook, Michael, 12, belted at school in Trinidad, 1999 Downes, Joshua, age not stated, country head-to-head schoolboy who supports CP, interviewed on TV about being caned, 1996 (also telecasting clip) Duncan, Samuel, 17, settled to Ohio from New siege edifice where paddling was familiar form of discipline, 2005 Dundas, Andrew, 18, antecedently caned at Emanuel School, London, 1962 Ebarb, De Wayne, age not stated, paddled "regularly" at elementary schooling in pelican state USA, 2001 Fashanu, John, former UK field game star, now 40 in 2003, revisiting school where he was caned in 1977 at age 14 Flores, Jose, 12, paddled at Texas centre school (also television clip), 2009 Foster, Gary, 13, slippered at UK school, 1981 Foster, Wayne, 16, Gary's brother, prefers slippering to detention, 1981 Gardner, La Draun, 18, paddled at US school, 1959 Gardner, La Draun, some other picture on same affair Goetz, Brandon, acquirer of birthday spankings at US film school, pictured in 1994 at age 14 with henry m. robert J.

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