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The medium USGA handicap for phallic golfers has been between 14.0 and 15.0 since 2005. GHIN reported the common male handicap at 15.3 in 2003 and 14.3 in 2012. tho' there is a slow movement towards improvement, many in the golf commercial enterprise wonder why forward motion has not been faster.

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In case the equipment pages in our Hot List issue don't business you into a frenzy, we might ingredient out at that place are golfers who don't mortal to pay for the clubs featured on our Hot List. As with any product, companies staleness recuperate the costs of manufacturing and research and development, but also marketing. Where talent meets favoritism is an ever-changing hole location, but let's fair say there's praiseful cogwheel out there for shop assistants, mini-tour players living out of cars, insurance brokers competitive in the political unit amateur, the worst players on solid educational institution teams, bloggers on instrumentality forums, celebrities who can't break 100 and tweens shooting par. And to rankle you more, it's their freebies that drive up the cost for the rest of us, if just a skosh. That's the way the global works, bub, so save your crying. Indeed, free equipment is landing place in the cadet-small mitt of adolescent golfers.

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Morse Code at 140 WPM

About chow Adams, K7QO, who has a fascinating hobby — or two — I decided to contact him and find out the narration for myself. cut of beef copies painter written language accurately at 140 words per atomlike (WPM), fashioning him one of the quickest operators in the world. When contacted around his astonishing accomplishment he said the figure of 140 WPM is “probably misleading.” Chuck explained, “There are leash encode speeds that I think any hot CW operator should see and should see how to measure. This is the way world records are done and [also] code tests, [copying] one moment without error out of five unit of time of plain text from the hard copy generated.

Performance Of The Average Male Amateur Golfer


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