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Many of the main summary figures enclosed in this achievement have been promulgated previously. This is still the first period that birth statistics for 2014 have been published by registration adult (including a partitioning by age of barm and father), single year of age of mother, age of father and NS-SEC of the household. besides free for the early time, are birth statistics for 2014 display the average age of beget by starting time magnitude (first child, second child, etc), median interval between births and number of early live-born children by age of mother.

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Congenital syphilis in the Russian Federation: magnitude, determinants, and consequences | Sexually Transmitted Infections

Objectives: according cases of congenital syphilis in the state organization increased 26-fold from 1991–9. Our objectives were to account the frequency, risk factors, and consequences of delivering an baby with congenital venereal disease among large women with active syphilis. Methods: In a ex post facto record review using continuous measuring of logs at maternity hospitals in quintet geographic areas, data were abstracted for 850 women with active syphilis during pregnancy who had completed ≥20 weeks’ gestation.

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Peasant Marriage in Nineteenth-Century Russia - Persée

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Births by Parents' Characteristics in England and Wales - Office for National Statistics


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