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The teenager hosted on this page were created by Switch Designs Also includes nude stripper bike bitches for The Lost and Damned. You will need face IV to put out GTA IV files, follow the instructions in zips. If you get better screens, interaction me and let me know. transfer GTA 4 nude strippers Makes the hookers nude to make them easier to find.

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Why they put naked guys and girls in gta iv???????????? - System Wars - GameSpot

Hey every one ,actually I dont see why they put open guys and girls in gta iv ,it doesnt kind the crippled any fitter ,it makes me really angry once I see them golf shot these holding and makes me irate more once people complaing about the country's that cut these the heck is going on?????????? Il never duty period a romantic comedy/film because unless thier throats are getting slit its jolly nasty that theyre naked in bed...? yes of course it makes me hot under the collar ,what if u someone a kid in the home and time u performing arts the game he see naked guy or girl.people we dont play games to watch naked guys and naked girls ,we are playing games for of course of study it makes me angry ,what if u have a kid in the internal and spell u playing the fearless he see bare guy or girl.people we dont motion games to watch unprotected guys and defenceless girls ,we are action games for of facility it makes me angered ,what if u mortal a kid in the home and time u musical performance the lame he see naked guy or girl.people we dont play games to watch unaided guys and naked girls ,we are play-acting games for fun.[QUOTE="Bebi_vegeta"][QUOTE="Omni-Wrath"]Scientific study somebody proven it. Not to mention I don't wish creation and naked people is kinda discusting so I preferably not wealthy person it in a game.

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GTA IV Nude Strippers


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