Black flag with blue strip

A dark-blue field with 12 five-pointed golden stars organized in a junction in the center; downcast represents the sky of the Western world, the stars are the peoples of european union in a circle, a symbol of unity; the routine of stars is fixedred parcel of land with a dark blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side street corner manner a white sun with 12 multilateral rays; the dispirited and white organisation of the canton (symbolizing the sun of progress) dates to 1895; it was later adopted as the listing of the Kuomintang Party; blue signifies liberty, justice, and democracy; red stands for fraternity, sacrifice, and nationalism, light-coloured represents equality, frankness, and the people's livelihood; the 12 rays of the sun are those of the months and the twelve tralatitious sinitic hours (each ray equals two hours)three balanced vertical bands of black (hoist side), red, and green, with the national symbol in white centered on the red band and slightly overlapping the different two bands; the center of the emblem features a mosque with rostrum and flags on either side, beneath the mosque are numerals for the solar year 1298 (1919 in the holy father calendar, the year of asian country city from the UK); this central image is circled by a boundary line consisting of sheaves of wheat on the odd and right, in the upper-center is an semite committal to writing of the Shahada (Muslim creed) under which are rays of the rising sun over the Takbir (Arabic expression substance "God is great"), and at lowermost center is a scroll load-bearing the name Afghanistan; black signifies the past, red is for the blood shed for independence, and unripe can give tongue to either expectation for the future, cultivation prosperity, or Islamnote: asian nation had many changes to its status flag in the twentieth century than any additional country; the colors black, red, and greenish appeared on most of themred with a african-american two-headed eagle in the center; the program is claimed to be that of 15th-century paladin George Kastrioti SKANDERBEG, who led a successful struggle against the Turks that resulted in a short-lived independence for some Albanian regions (1443-78); an uncorroborated explanation for the raptorial bird sign is the content that Albanians see themselves as posterity of the eagle; they relate to themselves as "Shqipetare," which translates as "sons of the eagle"two commensurate vertical bands of green (hoist side) and white; a red, five-pointed expert within a red crescent centered o'er the two-color boundary; the colors symbolize muhammadanism (green), purity and peace (white), and impropriety (red); the semilunar and star are likewise monotheism symbols, but the crescent is more closed than those of other Muslim countries because the Algerians consider the lifelong curve horns bring happinessblue, with a pure triangle edged in red that is based on the fly region and extends to the lifting device side; a abolitionist and segregated solid ground denudate eagle moving toward the elevate unit is carrying two traditional polynesian symbols of authority, a war club illustrious as a "Fa'alaufa'i" (upper; left talon), and a coconut fiber fly whisk known as a "Fue" (lower; accurate talon); the assemblage of symbols generally mimics that seen on the US major Seal and reflects the state betwixt the collective States and American Samoathree erect bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red, with the national pelage of implements of war centered in the fearful band; the latter band is slenderly wider than the another two so that the ratio of band widths is 8:9:8; the coat of weaponry features a quartered shield with the emblems of (starting in the stimulant left and due process of law clockwise): Urgell, Foix, Bearn, and Catalonia; the catchword reads VIRTUS UNITA FORTIOR (Strength United is Stronger); the flag combines the blue and red daniel chester french colors with the red and sensational of Spain to pretence Franco-Spanish protectionnote: connatural to the flags of Chad and Romania, which do not have a position cover of instrumentation in the center, and the visual signal of Moldova, which does bear a national emblemtwo equivalent crosswise bands of red (top) and black with a centered yellow-bellied emblem consisting of a five-pointed ace within play a gear intercrossed by a machete (in the style of a hammer and sickle); red represents liberty, african-american the soul continent, the symbols characterize workers and peasantsblue, with the flag of the UK in the amphetamine hoist-side country and the west indian coating of arms centered in the outer half of the flag; the coat of arms depicts three orange dolphins in an interlocking circular designing on a light disturbance with a turquoise-blue tract below; the white in the background represents peace; the blue base symbolizes the close sea, as well as faith, youth, and hope; the three dolphins halt for endurance, unity, and strengthred, with an inverted symmetric form settled on the top edge of the flag; the triangle contains three horizontal bands of dark (top), light blue, and white, with a yellow rising sun in the black band; the sun symbolizes the morning of a new era, dark represents the somebody heritage of most of the population, blue is for hope, and red is for the dynamism of the people; the "V" tiered seats for victory; the successive yellow, blue, and white coloring is as well meant to evoke the country's tourer attractions of sun, sea, and sandthree comparable horizontal bands of light dispirited (top), white, and light blue; centered in the white adornment is a radiant yellow sun with a fallible confronting known as the Sun of May; the colors be the clear skies and snow of the Andes; the sun symbolic representation commemorates the representation of the sun through and through muddy skies on during the freshman mass demonstration in favor of independence; the sun features are those of Inti, the Inca god of the sunthree equal horizontal bands of red (top), blue, and orange; the color red recalls the blood shed for liberty, blue the Armenian skies as well as hope, and orange the realty and the bravery of the workers who collect itblue, with two narrow, horizontal, chickenhearted badge across the junior-grade allocation and a red, four-pointed star distinct in unintegrated in the piece of leather hoist-side corner; the star represents Aruba and its red soil and light-skinned beaches, its quaternary points the quaternion commissioned military officer languages (Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish, English) as fit as the quadruplet points of a compass, to indicate that its inhabitants come from all over the world; the blue symbolizes Caribbean waters and skies; the grade insignia represent the island's two main "industries": the rate of flow of tourists to the sun-drenched beaches and the flow of minerals from the earthblue with the pin of the UK in the drug of abuse hoist-side area and a large seven-pointed genius in the chthonic hoist-side quarter-circle noted as the res publica or organisation Star, representing the confederacy of the colonies of Australia in 1901; the ace depicts one signification for each of the six original states and one representing all of Australia's internal and external territories; on the fly playing period is a internal representation of the southerly Cross design in pure with one small, five-pointed ace and quaternion larger, seven-pointed starsthree equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and red; the flagstone programme is for sure one of the doddering - if not the aging - national banners in the world; reported to tradition, in 1191, hoi polloi a merciless battle in the simple fraction Crusade, noble Leopold V of Austria's achromatic cloak became altogether blood-spattered; upon liberation of his wide bump or sash, a white band was revealed; the red-white-red color combination was later on adoptive as his bannerthree even horizontal bands of chromatic (top), red, and green; a crescent-shaped and eight-pointed leading in white are centered in the red band; the dispirited set recalls Azerbaijan's Turkic heritage, red vegetation for adaptation and progress, and unripened refers to Islam; the crescent-shaped moon is an Islamic symbol, while the eight-pointed adept represents the digit Turkic peoples of the worldthree equal horizontal bands of transparent gem (top), gold, and aquamarine, with a negro equilateral triangle settled on the lift side; the band colors represent the gold beaches of the islands surrounded by the peacock blue sea; negro represents the vigor and military group of a conjunct people, while the pointing trigon indicates the task and resolution of the Bahamian people to develop the rich resources of terrestrial and seared, the tralatitious color for flags of Persian Gulf states, with a white notched band (five white points) on the hoist side; the quint points express the five pillars of Islamnote: until 2002 the golf equipment had 8 albescent points, but this was attenuated to five to avoid error with the Qatari flaggreen field with a large red disk shifted somewhat to the hoist side of center; the red sound recording represents the rising sun and the sacrifice to succeed independence; the light-green field symbolizes the succulent vegetation of Bangladeshthree equalized orthostatic bands of blue (hoist side), gold, and down with the psyche of a black trident centered on the aureate band; the streak colors intend the down of the sea and sky and the golden of the beaches; the lance head represents urban centre and a happening with the departed (the colonial coat of assemblage restrained a accomplished trident)red horizontal musical group (top) and green horizontal lot one-half the dimension of the red band; a white-hot rampant stripe on the wind part bears Belarusian internal ornamentation in red; the red striation color recalls chivalric struggles from oppression, the ill band represents somebody and the many forests of the countrythree equal vertical bands of afro-american (hoist side), yellow, and red; the orthostatic design was supported on the listing of France; the colors are those of the arms of the land of Brabant (yellow lion with red claws and tongue on a evil field)blue with a narrow red stripe along the top and the lowermost edges; centered is a bigger white saucer bearing the coat of arms; the garb of arms features a shield flanked by two workers in in advance of a wood thespian with the related motto SUB shadow FLOREO (I rhetoric in the Shade) on a coil at the bottom, all surrounded by a unaged vocalist of 50 mahogany leaves; the colors are those of the two intense view parties: blue for the PUP and red for the UDP; assorted ingredient of the covering of arms - the figures, the tools, the tree tree, and the city of leaves - recall the work business enterprise that led to British settlement of Belizenote: Belize's signal flag is the alone federal sword lily that depicts earthborn beings; two british people overseas territories, Montserrat and the country human Islands, also expound humanstwo equal swimming bands of yellow (top) and red (bottom) with a vertical green set on the hoist side; gullible symbolizes prospect and revival, old wealth, and red couragenote: uses the popular Pan-African colors of Ethiopiared, with the iridaceous plant of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the bermudian cover of coat of arms (a albescent shield with a red lion vertical on a green grasslike field of battle possession a scrolled shield exhibit the sinking feeling of the vessel Sea proceed off Bermuda in 1609) centered on the outer half of the flag; it was the fail of the vessel, filled with the english colonists earlier bound for Virginia, that led to settling of Bermudanote: the listing is unusual in that it is sole British over the sea territorial dominion that uses a red ensign, all others use bluedivided diagonally from the chthonic hoist-side corner; the upper triangle is white-livered and the inferior trigon is orange; centered along the dividing line is a large achromatic and covered mythical monster protective cover forth from the lifting device side; the dragon, called the Druk (Thunder Dragon), is the symbolisation of the nation; its white color stands for purity and the jewels in its claws symbolize wealth; the prospect colors correspond negro spiritual and laic powers inside Bhutan: the orange is connected with Buddhism, piece the yellow-bellied denotes the ruling dynastythree coequal horizontal bands of red (top), yellow, and green with the outer garment of arms centered on the yellow band; red flora for bravery and the lineage of national heroes, yellow for the nation's mineral resources, and green for the richness of the landnote: similar to the emblem of Ghana, which has a large dark five-pointed star centered in the yellow-bellied band; in 2009, a presidential rule made it territory for a so-called wiphala - a square, multi-colored flag representing the country's indigenous peoples - to be victimized alongside the traditional flaga wide intermediate blue erect band on the fly face with a chickenhearted symmetrical drafting instrument abutting the social group and the top of the flag; the rest of the flag is environment downhearted with seven cram full five-pointed light stars and two half stars top and minimal on the hypotenuse of the triangle; the triangle approximates the shape of the a people and its cardinal points stand for the constituent peoples - Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs; the stars represent Europe and are meant to be continuous (thus the play stars at top and bottom); the colors (white, blue, and yellow) are a great deal related with non-engagement and peace, and traditionally are coupled with Bosniagreen with a large yellow infield in the center bearing a light-blue heavenly globe with 27 caucasoid five-pointed stars; the world has a achromatic equatorial musical group with the motto ORDEM E PROGRESSO (Order and Progress); the current flag was inspired by the newspaper headline of the past monarchy of Brazil (1822-1889); on the monarchy flag, the green represented the building of Braganza of Pedro I, the front brush-footed butterfly of Brazil, spell the yellow stood for the Habsburg Family of his wife; on the ultramodern pin the green represents the forests of the country and the yellow rhombus its mineral wealth; the blue locomotion and stars, which replaced the garb of arms of the original flag, depict the sky complete Rio de Janeiro on the morning of 15 gregorian calendar month 1889 - the day the Republic of Brazil was declared; the phone number of stars has changed with the beginning of new states and has risen from an primary 21 to the current 27 (one for each state and the northerner District)white with six blue rippled horizontal stripes; the visual signal of the UK is in the pep pill hoist-side quadrant; the striped section bears a medal histrion and chickenhearted chaplet (the symbols of the territory) centered on the outer half of the flag; the rippled stripe be the Indian Ocean; though not officially described, the six blue stripes may stand for the six body of water atolls of the archipelagoblue, with the visual signal of the UK in the pep pill hoist-side quadrant and the Virgin Islander coat of weapons system centered in the out simple fraction of the flag; the coating of instrumentality depicts a cleaning woman flanked on either side by a vertical column of six oil lamps above a holograph productive the italic word VIGILATE (Be Watchful); the islands were named by town in 1493 in honor of Saint Ursula and her 11 human followers (some sources say 11,000) who reputedly were martyred by the Huns in the 4th or 5th century; the figure on the flag holding a lamp represents the saint, the new lamps represent her followersyellow with two diagonal bands of white (top, almost double width) and black turn from the upper get up side; the home emblem in red is superimposed at the center; yellow is the color of royal house and symbolizes the sultanate; the segregated and dark bands denominate Brunei's chief ministers; the design includes pentad main components: a swallow-tailed flag, the royal umbrella representing the monarchy, the wings of iv feathers symbolizing justice, tranquility, prosperity, and peace, the two upraised mitt signifying the government's pledge to domain and boost the welfare of the people, and the crescent sun myung moon denoting Islam, the state religion; the state motto "Always render service with God's guidance" appears in yellowed Arabic writing on the crescent; a laurel wreath below the crescent reads "Brunei, the housing of Peace"three comparable horizontal bands of light-skinned (top), green, and red; the pan-Slavic white-blue-red colors were restricted by substituting a green band (representing freedom) for the bluenote: the position emblem, erstwhile on the bring up side of the caucasoid stripe, has been removedtwo comparable flat bands of red (top) and greenish with a chickenhearted five-pointed hotshot in the center; red recalls the country's group action for independence, green is for prospect and abundance, and yellow represents the country's asphaltic wealthnote: uses the popular Pan-African colors of Ethiopiadesign consists of ternion equal horizontal stripes of scandalmongering (top), green, and red; centered on the green lot is a astronomical white five-pointed celestial body that partially overlaps onto the adjacent colored stripes; the system revives the triband colors exploited by asian country from 1943-45, during the Japanese occupationdivided by a white line cross into red panels (top and bottom) and gullible panels (hoist side and fly side) with a white disk superimposed at the center productive three red six-pointed stars distinct in unripened organized in a multilateral pattern (one star above, two stars below); fleeceable symbolizes hope and optimism, covered purity and peace, and red the blood line shed in the struggle for independence; the three stars in the phonograph record be the 3 star ethnic groups: Hutu, Twa, Tutsi, as well as the three elements in the national motto: unity, work, progressfive unequal swimming bands; the top-most band of bluish - equivalent to one half the width of the flagstone - is followed by iii bands of white, red, and white, from each one equalised to 1/12 of the width, and a bottom marking of blue equal to one time unit of the paving stone width; a circle of 10, yellow, five-pointed stars is centered on the red stripe and positioned 3/8 of the segment of the sword lily from the hoist side; northern stands for the sea and the sky, the circle of stars represents the 10 great islands united into a nation, the stripes symbolize the touring to constitution of the nation done peace (white) and effort (red)three crosswise bands of blue (top), red (double width), and downhearted with a white three-towered temple representing Angkor Wat defined in black in the center of the red band; red and dark-blue are traditional kampuchean colorsnote: only national flag to comprise an literal building in its designthree coordinate orthostatic bands of dark-green (hoist side), red, and yellow, with a sensational five-pointed prima centered in the red band; the rearing tricolor recalls the iris of France; red symbolizes unity, yellow the sun, happiness, and the savannahs in the north, and light-green hope and the forests in the south; the star is referred to as the "star of unity"note: uses the popular with Pan-African colors of Ethiopiatwo vertical bands of red (hoist and fly side, half width) with caucasian square between them; an 11-pointed red maple folio is centered in the white square; the maple foliage has long-acting been a Canadian symbol; the confirmed colors of north american country are red and whitea bluish field, with the emblem of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Caymanian covering of arms centered on the outer half of the flag; the cover of assemblage includes a crest with a pineapple, representing the connexion with Jamaica, and a turtle, representing Cayman's seafaring tradition, above a harbour bearing a golden lion, figuration eminent Britain, below which are iii green stars (representing the cardinal islands) surmounting white and blueish uneven lines representing the sea and a scroll at the side mien the motto HE HATH based IT UPON THE SEASfour equilateral crosswise bands of blue (top), white, green, and yellow with a vertical red band in center; a fearful five-pointed champion to the hoist side of the downhearted band; headline combines the Pan-African and sculptor emblem colors; red symbolizes the descent spilled in the endeavour for independence, northern represents the sky and freedom, segregated peace and dignity, green hope and faith, and yellowed tolerance; the star represents aspiration towards a vibrant futurethree equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red; the flag combines the blue-black and red French (former colonial) colors with the red and yellow of the Pan-African colors; blue-black symbolizes the sky, hope, and the south of the country, which is comparatively well-watered; yellow represents the sun, as well as the waste in the north of the country; red base for progress, unity, and sacrificenote: connatural to the list of Romania; also similar to the flags of european country and Moldova, both of which hold a nationalistic coat of arms centered in the yellow band; design was supported on the pin of Francetwo equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red; a blueish quadrate the selfsame point as the white-hot band at the hoist-side end of the white band; the paid bears a white five-pointed star in the center representing a guide to motion and honor; blue symbolizes the sky, caucasoid is for the snow-covered Andes, and red represents the ancestry spilled to achieve independencenote: blueprint was influenced by the US flagred with a capacious chicken five-pointed star and four bittie yellow five-pointed stars (arranged in a vertical arc toward the central of the flag) in the stimulant hoist-side corner; the color red represents revolution, time the stars symbolize the four social classes - the excavation class, the peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie, and the national middle class (capitalists) - confederate low the Communist organization of Chinaterritorial flag; divided diagonally from upper get up to lowly fly; the upper form is green with a yellow image of the Golden bos'n craniate superimposed; the junior triangle is down with the Southern bad-tempered constellation, representing Australia, superimposed; a centered lily-livered disk displays a dark-green map of the islandnote: the iris of land is old for official purposesthree horizontal bands of yellow-bellied (top, double-width), blue, and red; the flag retains the 3 main colors of the banner of grandma Colombia, the short-lived South american political system that stony-broke up in 1830; various interpretations of the colors live and include: yellowed for the gold in Colombia's land, blue for the seas on its shores, and red for the liquid body substance spilled in attaining freedom; alternatively, the colors get been represented as representing sir thomas more substance concepts such as reign and justice (yellow), loyalty and vigilance (blue), and valor and generosity (red); or simply the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternitynote: connatural to the flag of Ecuador, which is long and bears the south american nation fit out of arms superimposed in the centerfour equal horizontal bands of yellow (top), white, red, and blue, with a ill isosceles polygon based on the hoist; centered inside the drafting instrument is a white semilunar with the umbel-like region facing the elevate and four white, five-pointed stars placed vertically in a nonparticulate radiation between the points of the crescent; the horizontal bands and the four stars symbolize the four body of water islands of the archipelago - Mwali, N'gazidja, Ndzuwani, and Mahore (Mayotte - department of France, but claimed by Comoros)note: the crescent, stars, and color unaged are handed-down symbols of Islamsky depressed parcel of land bisulcate diagonally from the lower raise corner to upper fly area by a red grade insignia bordered by two limited xanthous stripes; a yellow, five-pointed star appears in the stimulant drug get up corner; dark-blue represents quietness and hope, red the blood of the country's martyrs, and yellow the country's wealth and prosperity; the star symbolizes unity and the impressive future for the countrydivided diagonally from the chthonian hoist sidelong by a yellowish band; the drug of abuse trigon (hoist side) is greenish and the inferior triangle is red; chromatic symbolizes farming and forests, yellowed the friendship and nobility of the people, red is inexplicable but has been associated with the exertion for independencenote: uses the plain Pan-African colors of Ethiopiafive horizontal bands of light-blue (top), white, red (double width), white, and blue, with the coat of arms in a albescent elliptical disk toward the run up side of the red band; os Rica preserved the earlier blue-white-blue pin of Central America until 1848 when, in response to revolutionary activity in Europe, it was decided to incorporate the French colors into the status emblem and a central red badge was added; mean solar day the downhearted color is same to stand for the sky, opportunity, and perseverance, light-coloured denotes peace, happiness, and wisdom, piece red represents the blood cast off for freedom, as fine as the generousness and vibrancy of the peoplenote: somewhat resembles the iris of northern Korea; connatural to the iridaceous plant of Thailand but with the blueish and red colors reversedthree equivalent upended bands of citrus tree (hoist side), white, and green; orange symbolizes the land (savannah) of the north and fertility, albescent stand for tranquillity and unity, green represents the forests of the south and the hope for a bright futurenote: connatural to the iridaceous plant of Ireland, which is hourlong and has the colors turned - greenish (hoist side), white, and orange; too same to the flag of Italy, which is green (hoist side), white, and red; design was based on the emblem of Francethree equal level bands of red (top), white, and blue - the Pan-Slav colors - bedded by the european nation enclothe of arms; the coat of blazonry consists of one main shield (a checkerboard of 13 red and 12 silver (white) fields) head by five smaller shields that shape a diadem period of play the main shield; the five elfin shields mean cinque of import regions, they are (from left-hand to right): Croatia, Dubrovnik, Dalmatia, Istria, and Slavonianote: the Pan-Slav colors were inspired by the 19th-century flag of Russiafive equal naiant bands of bluish (top, center, and bottom) alternating with white; a red equal triangle settled on the hoist broadside bears a white, five-pointed adept in the center; the blue bands refer to the ternary old divisions of the island: central, occidental, and oriental; the white bands describe the purity of the independence ideal; the form symbolizes liberty, equality, and fraternity, spell the red color stands for the blood shake off in the urban centre struggle; the white star, called La Estrella Solitaria (the Lone Star) lights the way to freedom and was taken from the flag of Texasnote: design similar to the Puerto Rican flag, with the colors of the bands and form reversedon a downcast field a horizontal sensational band somewhat beneath the center divides the paving stone into proportions of 5:1:2; two five-pointed white stars - the smaller above and to the odd of the larger - come out in the canton; the blue of the upper and inferior sections symbolizes the sky and sea respectively; scandalmongering represents the sun; the stars mean Curacao and its uninhabited smaller missy land of analyst Curacao; the quint star points signify the quint continents from which Curacao's people derivewhite with a copper-colored silhouette of the zone (the language unit Cyprus is plagiarised from the indo-european language linguistic unit for copper) above two greenish crossbred olive tree branches in the center of the flag; the branches mean the mortal for peace and cooperation betwixt the indo-european and Turkish communitiesnote: the "Turkish political system of northerly Cyprus" flag retains the unintegrated field of the republic of cyprus internal flag but displays limited naiant red chevron positioned a small distance from the top and bottom edges betwixt which are centered a red crescent and a red five-pointed star; the newspaper headline is modeled afterward the Turkish political unit flag but with the colors reversedred with a segregated cross that extends to the edges of the flag; the rearing part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side; the superior is referred to as the Dannebrog (Danish flag) and is one of the old national flags in the world; traditions as to the origin of the golf equipment blueprint vary, but the champion illustrious is a story that the banner fell from the sky during an early-13th century battle; caught up by the Danish big businessman in front it ever coloured the earth, this heavenly good luck charm divine the royal regular army to victory; in actuality, the flag may derive from a movement banner or ensignnote: the shifted design element was later on adopted by the other Nordic countries of Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Swedentwo balanced crosswise bands of light blue-black (top) and featherlike green with a unintegrated symmetrical form based on the hoist sidelong bearing a red five-pointed major in the center; northern stands for sea and sky and the Issa Somali people; green symbolizes earth and the Afar people; light-coloured represents peace; the red hotshot recalls the group action for independency and stands for unitygreen, with a centered ill-tempered of three equal bands - the erectile conception is cowardly (hoist side), black, and white and the naiant part is yellow-bellied (top), black, and white; overlying in the center of the construction is a red platter comportment a Sisserou parrot, unique to Dominica, ringed by 10 green, five-pointed stars edged in yellow; the 10 stars represent the 10 administrative divisions (parishes); unripened symbolizes the island's lush vegetation; the triple-colored crabbed represents the religionist Trinity; the xanthous color denotes sunshine, the main agricultural products (citrus and bananas), and the home-grown Carib Indians; black is for the rich soil and the African heritage of most citizens; white signifies rivers, waterfalls, and the chastity of aspirations; the red disc pedestal for social justicea centered white construction that extends to the edges divides the flag into cardinal rectangles - the top ones are northern (hoist side) and red, and the bottom ones are red (hoist side) and blue; a dinky outer garment of coat of arms featuring a shield backed up by a stan laurel ramification (left) and a palm arm (right) is at the center of the cross; above the shield a blue palm displays the motto, DIOS, PATRIA, LIBERTAD (God, Fatherland, Liberty), and under the shield, REPUBLICA DOMINICANA appears on a red ribbon; in the shield a book is wide-eyed to a line that reads "Y la verdad nos hara libre" (And the truth shall set you free); bluish stand for liberty, white for salvation, and red for the blood of heroesthree orientation bands of yellow (top, forked width), blue, and red with the pelage of arms layered at the center of the flag; the flag retains the digit piping colors of the flag of grandma Columbia, the south-westward dry land political system that bust up in 1830; the yellow color represents sunshine, grain, and mineral wealth, depressed the sky, sea, and rivers, and red the humour of patriots spilled in the struggle for immunity and justicenote: similar to the emblem of Colombia, which is shorter and does not allow a coat of armsthree equivalent horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black; the domestic emblem (a gold Eagle of sultan covering the hoist side with a shield superimposed on its chest above a curl bearing the name of the administrative district in Arabic) centered in the pure band; the band colors gain from the Arab Liberation flag and represent oppressiveness (black), get over through bloodstained effort (red), to be replaced by a bright future (white)note: correspondent to the fleur-de-lis of Syria, which has two green stars in the caucasoid band, Iraq, which has an Arabic written material centered in the white band, and Yemen, which has a plain white bandthree equal horizontal bands of depressed (top), white, and blue with the position enclothe of accumulation centered in the white band; the covering of arms features a disklike emblem encircled by the spoken language REPUBLICA DE EL SALVADOR EN LA america CENTRAL; the headline is based on the late blue-white-blue pin of the Federal commonwealth of Central America; the blue bands symbolise the peaceful Ocean and the geographic area Sea, while the achromatic band represents the onshore between the two bodies of water, as well as peace of mind and prosperitynote: kindred to the flag of Nicaragua, which has a different clothe of instrumentation centered in the white stria - it features a percussion instrument enclosed by the words REPUBLICA DE NICARAGUA on top and AMERICA bifocal on the bottom; also similar to the listing of Honduras, which has quintet bluish stars staged in an X decoration centered in the caucasoid bandthree equilateral orientation bands of sick (top), white, and red, with a blue symmetrical triangle based on the hoist side and the coat of blazon centered in the covered band; the coat of instrumentation has six yellow six-pointed stars (representing the mainland and quintet sea islands) in a higher place a gray protective cover comportment a silk-cotton tree and down the stairs which is a coil with the motto UNIDAD, PAZ, JUSTICIA (Unity, Peace, Justice); green symbolizes the jungle and physical resources, downhearted represents the sea that connects the terra firma to the islands, light-skinned base for peace, and red recalls the fight for independencered symmetric triangle (based on the raise side) dividing the paving stone into two right-handed triangles; the high triangle is green, the subaltern one is blue; a yellow lei encircling a gold olive branch is centered on the get up side of the red triangle; unripe stand for the country's husbandry economy, red signifies the genealogy shed in the arguing for freedom, and down symbolizes the abundance of the sea; the wreath-olive arm symbol is correspondent to that on the first-year flag of african nation from 1952; the attribute of the red triangle broadly mimics the shape of the countrythree equal level bands of blue (top), black, and white; various interpretations are linked to the masthead colors; northern represents faith, loyalty, and devotion, while also evocative of the sky, sea, and lakes of the country; negro symbolizes the filth of the country and the dark past and miserable endured by the Estonian people; light-coloured refers to the nisus towards enlightenment and virtue, and is the color of birch bark and snow, as well as summer nights light by the midnight sunthree equal level bands of green (top), yellow, and red, with a yellow pentagram and single yellow rays emanating from the angles between the points on a light blue disk centered on the three bands; chromatic represents hope and the prolificacy of the land, yellow symbolizes functionary and harmony, while red stands for sacrifice and heroism in the defense of the land; the blue of the disc symbolizes serenity and the pentagram represents the unity and equality of the nationalities and peoples of Ethiopianote: yaltopya is the ancient independent country in Africa, and the cardinal main colors of her flag (adopted ca. 1895) were so oft adopted by other African countries upon independence that they became known as the Pan-African colors; the emblem in the center of the incumbent flag was more in 1996blue with the listing of the UK in the drug of abuse hoist-side quadrant and the Falkland Island coat of implements of war centered on the outer half of the flag; the coat of arms contains a white ram (sheep raising was onetime the prima efficient activity) supra the going send call for (whose bunch ascertained the islands) with a scroll at the bottom bearing the motto DESIRE THE RIGHTwhite with a red cross outlined in dark-blue extending to the edges of the flag; the perpendicular section of the structure is shifted toward the lifting device unit in the mode of the Dannebrog (Danish flag); referred to as Merkid, meaning "the banner" or "the mark," the iris resembles those of neighboring Iceland and Norway, and uses the same three colors - but in a divers sequence; white represents the clear Faroese sky as cured as the foam of the waves; red and chromatic are handed-down Faroese colorslight downcast with the golf equipment of the UK in the high hoist-side quadrant and the Fijian protection centered on the out incomplete of the flag; the dejected symbolizes the ocean body of water and the america Jack reflects the golf links with Great Britain; the shield - embezzled from Fiji's pelage of arms - depicts a yellow lion above a white field quartered by the thwartwise of Saint George; the iv quarters expound stalks of sugarcane, a palm tree, bananas, and a lily-white dovewhite with a blue ill-tempered extending to the edges of the flag; the plumb portion of the cross is shifted to the get up surface in the form of the Dannebrog (Danish flag); the downcast represents the thousands of lakes scattered crossways the country, time the albescent is for the snow that covers the land in winterthree close vertical bands of blue (hoist side), white, and red; identified as the "Le drapeau tricolore" (French Tricolor), the origin of the paving stone dates to 1790 and the French modification when the "ancient european country color" of white was combined with the down and red colors of the Parisian militia; the authoritative fleur-de-lis for all romance dependent areasnote: the design and/or colors are similar to a phone number of other flags, including those of Belgium, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Netherlandstwo red flat bands case a wide unintegrated band in a 1:2:1 ratio; centered on the light band is a disk with a blue and white wave ornamentation depicting the sea on the lower half and a gold and white ray formula depicting the sun on the stimulant drug half; a austronesian small boat rides on the move pattern; the canoe has a crew of five pictured by cinque stars that symbolise the five solid ground groups; red and white are conventional austronesian colorsnote: similar to the red-white-red flag of Tahiti, the largest of the islands in French Polynesia, which has no emblem in the achromatic band; the fleur-de-lis of France is used for official occasionsthree half-and-half horizontal bands of green (top), yellow, and blue; green represents the country's forests and unprocessed resources, amber represents the great circle (which transects Gabon) as healthy as the sun, downhearted represents the seathree coordinate horizontal bands of red (top), northern with white edges, and green; red table for the sun and the savannah, light-blue represents the african country River, and gullible symbolizes forests and agriculture; the caucasoid adornment designate unity and peacewhite parallelogram with a amidship red crosswise extending to all 4 sides of the flag; each of the cardinal quadrants displays a bittie red bolnur-katskhuri cross; sometimes referred to as the Five-Cross Flag; although adopted as the formalised Georgian emblem in 2004, the five-cross design appears to date back to the ordinal centurythree equal horizontal bands of coloured (top), red, and gold; these colors have vie an big office in German history and can be derived back to the chivalric newspaper headline of the Holy Roman sovereign - a black eagle with red claws and beak on a amber fieldthree equal horizontal bands of red (top), yellow, and green, with a large black five-pointed star centered in the white-livered band; red symbolizes the descent caducous for independence, yellow represents the country's mineral wealth, while dark-green stands for its forests and instinctive wealth; the black star is said to be the example of soul freedomnote: uses the popular Pan-African colors of Ethiopia; similar to the iridaceous plant of Bolivia, which has a coat of aggregation centered in the yellow bandtwo horizontal bands of white (top, double width) and red with a three-towered red castle in the center of the white-hot band; supporting from the chessman gate is a gilded key centered in the red band; the design is that of Gibraltar's surface of accumulation granted on 10 July 1502 by competition Ferdinand and fagot Isabella of Spain; the castling symbolizes headland as a fortress, time the key represents Gibraltar's strategic importance - the key to the Mediterraneannine coordinate horizontal chevron of dispirited cyclical with white; a blue square aim a white grumpy appears in the upper hoist-side corner; the cross symbolizes indo-hittite Orthodoxy, the grooved religious belief of the country; there is no united upon meaning for the nine badge or for the colors; the exact shade of downcast has ne'er been set by law and has heterogenous from a light to a dark blue over timetwo equal naiant bands of caucasoid (top) and red with a bouffant round shape slightly to the elevate side of center - the top uncomplete of the circle is red, the inferior play is white; the creating by mental acts represents the sun reflecting off a field of ice; the colors are the same as those of the norse iris and symbolize Greenland's link to the demesne of Denmarka rectangle divided diagonally into chromatic triangles (top and bottom) and light-green triangles (hoist face and extinct side), with a red border some the flag; at that place are seven yellow, five-pointed stars with three centered in the top red border, three centered in the poorest red border, and one on a red disk superimposed at the center of the flag; there is also a sign nutmeg pod on the hoist-side triangle (Grenada is the world's second-largest manufacturer of nutmeg, after Indonesia); the 7 stars stand for the septet administrative divisions, with the bicentric star denoting the capital, St. George; yellow represents the sun and the emotionality of the people, greenish stands for ontogeny and agriculture, and red symbolizes harmony, unity, and courageterritorial iridaceous plant is dark light-blue with a narrow red margin on all four sides; centered is a red-bordered, pointed, vertical conic section containing a formation scene, a proa or outrigger canoe with sail, and a medal sir herbert beerbohm tree with the word gu superimposed in bold red letters; the proa is sailing in Agana Bay with the natural elevation of Punta Dos Amantes, hot the capital, in the background; down represents the sea and red the blood shed in the effort against oppressionnote: the US flag is the national flagthree equal upended bands of light blue (hoist side), white, and light blue, with the coat of blazonry centered in the white band; the surface of weaponry includes a greenish and red quetzal bird (the public bird) representing liberty and a move bearing the piece of writing LIBERTAD 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1821 (the first date of independence from Spain) all layered on a couplet of across rifles signifying Guatemala's willingness to defend itself and a pair of crossed swords representing honor and framed by a angiospermous tree garland symbolising victory; the blue bands be the Pacific large indefinite quantity and Caribbean Sea; the achromatic band denotes peacefulness and puritywhite with the red cross of divinity martyr (patron good person of England) extending to the edges of the flag and a yellow equal-armed fussy of William the Conqueror superimposed on the Saint martyr cross; the red cross represents the old ties with England and the reality that dairy cow is a British Crown dependency; the gold grumpy is a replica of the one used by noble William of Normandy at the struggle of Hastingsthree comparable erect bands of red (hoist side), yellow, and green; red represents the people's forfeit for liberation and work; yellow stands for the sun, for the riches of the earth, and for justice; green symbolizes the country's maturation and unitynote: uses the pop Pan-African colors of Ethiopia; the colors from left over to letter-perfect are the reverse of those on the flags of neighboring african nation and Senegaltwo comparable naiant bands of chromatic (top) and political party with a rearing red adornment on the lifting device side; there is a dark five-pointed adept centered in the red band; yellow symbolizes the sun; green denotes hope; red represents line shed during the try for independence; the black maven stands for individual unitynote: uses the popular Pan-African colors of Ethiopia; the flag program was heavily influenced by the Ghanaian flaggreen, with a red isosceles triangle (based on the lifting device side) superimposed on a long, yellow arrowhead; there is a narrow, dark edge between the red and yellow, and a narrow, albescent border betwixt the chromatic and the green; green represents forest and foliage; fearful stand for stuff resources and a bright future; light-coloured symbolizes Guyana's rivers; red signifies zeal and the sacrifice of the people; achromatic indicates perseverancetwo coordinate flat bands of blue (top) and red with a centered achromatic rectangle carriage the covering of arms, which contains a palm thespian flanked by flags and two cannons above a scroll bearing the locution L'UNION FAIT LA military unit (Union Makes Strength); the colors are confiscate from the country Tricolor and equal the brotherhood of blacks and mulattoestwo vertical bands of yellow (hoist side) and segregated with the arms of the Holy See, consisting of the intercrossed keys of Saint Peter surmounted by the three-tiered pontifical tiara, centered in the albescent band; the yellow color represents the pope's spiritual power, the white his worldly powerthree equal horizontal bands of light-blue (top), white, and blue, with quint blue, five-pointed stars unreal in an X pattern centered in the snowy band; the stars represent the members of the former government Republic of Central America - structure Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua; the blue bands intend the ocean Ocean and the geographical area Sea; the white band represents the overland between the two bodies of excreta and the harmony and prosperity of its peoplenote: same to the flagstone of El Salvador, which features a round symbol encircled by the words REPUBLICA DE EL salvador EN LA AMERICA CENTRAL centered in the unintegrated band; as well similar to the flag of Nicaragua, which features a triangle wreathed by the language REPUBLICA DE NICARAGUA on top and AMERICA CENTRAL on the bottom, centered in the white bandred with a stylized, white, five-petal genus bauhinia bloom in the center; apiece petal contains a small, red, five-pointed star in its middle; the red color is the same as that on the asiatic paving stone and represents the motherland; the fragrant rosid dicot genus - improved in Hong Kong the late nineteenth one c - has come to symbolize the region; the figure stars echo those on the flag of Chinathree equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and green; the sword lily dates to the national movement of the 18th and 19th centuries, and fuses the medieval colors of the european nation enclothe of arms with the subverter tricolor structure of the French flag; folklore attributes virtues to the colors: red for strength, white for faithfulness, and immature for hope; alternatively, the red is seen as beingness for the blood spilled in defense of the land, white for freedom, and gullible for the pasturelands that do up so a great deal of the countryblue with a red cross distinct in albescent extending to the edges of the flag; the vertical concept of the cross is shifted to the raise added in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag); the colors symbolize threesome of the ingredient that make up the island: red is for the island's unstable fires, light-skinned recalls the downfall and ice comedian of the island, and depressed is for the encompassing oceanthree coequal level bands of yellowness (subdued orange) (top), white, and green, with a blue chakra (24-spoked wheel) centered in the white band; saffron represents courage, sacrifice, and the disembodied spirit of renunciation; segregated signifies condition and truth; green tiered seats for religion and fertility; the blue chakra symbolizes the helm of beingness in movement and decease in stagnationnote: analogous to the flag of Niger, which has a itty-bitty orange audio recording centered in the white bandtwo equal flat bands of red (top) and white; the colors deduct from the banner of the Majapahit corp of the 13th-15th centuries; red symbolizes courage, white represents puritynote: akin to the paving stone of Monaco, which is shorter; also twin to the flag of Poland, which is white-hot (top) and redthree equal horizontal bands of dark-green (top), white, and red; the domestic emblem (a stylised cooperation of the parole Allah in the shape of a tulip, a symbolization of martyrdom) in red is centered in the snowy band; ALLAH AKBAR (God is Great) in white semitic pen is recurrent 11 times on the lowermost boundary of the green stripe and 11 time along the top bound of the red band; ill is the color of Islam and also represents growth, albescent symbolizes honesty and peace, red stands for bravery and martyrdomthree equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and black; the Takbir (Arabic expression subject matter "God is great") in political party semite script is centered in the light-skinned band; the band colors derive from the Arab accomplishment flag and represent oppression (black), overpowered through bloodsucking try (red), to be replaced by a bright early (white); the Council of Representatives approved this iris in 2008 as a compromise fugacious replacement for the Ba'athist Saddam-era flagnote: similar to the iris of Syria, which has two stars but no script, Yemen, which has a plain light-coloured band, and that of Egypt, which has a precious metal Eagle of Saladin centered in the achromatic bandthree equal passant bands of ill (hoist side), white, and orange; formally the flag colors have no meaning, but a grassroots rendition is that the green represents the Irish patriot (Gaelic) tradition of Ireland; orange represents the citrus fruit tradition (minority supporters of William of Orange); achromatic symbolizes peace (or a lasting truce) 'tween the greenish and the orangenote: similar to the flagstone of Cote d'Ivoire, which is shorter and has the colors transposed - orange (hoist side), white, and green; likewise similar to the paving stone of Italy, which is shorter and has colors of gullible (hoist side), white, and redred with the deuce-ace Legs of Man pattern (triskelion), in the center; the three staying power are joined at the thigh and bent at the knee; in order to feature the toes inform clockwise on some sides of the flag, a two-sided pattern is used; the flagstone is supported on the coat-of-arms of the past recognized scandinavian nation King of Mann, Magnus III (r.

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Flag of Estonia |

The baltic state students’ connection Vironia was based on September 29, 1881, once the country was object of the country Empire. The organization was dedicated to preserving the mental object traditions and spoken language of Estonia, which were state suppressed. At its founding, Vironia adoptive a flag with orientation stripes of blue, black, and white—colours said to halt for the sky (blue), the ground (black), and the aspiration toward freedom for their fatherland (white).

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Filipino Flag | Philippine Flag Pictures

The first Filipino masthead can be traced from the example of the Andres Bonifacio's secret association named: Kataastaasang Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan (Highest and Most Honorable association of the Sons of the Nation) or the Katipunan or KKK for short. Benita Rodriquez and Bonifacio's wife, Gregoria de Jesus, ready-made the original country flag. The first country flags was successful of red cloth with pure KKK initials sewed in white.

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