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01) edible fruit Stomp 02) Charlie Bit Me 03) Chocolate Rain 04) Dancing child 05) place Secret 06) Charlie The imaginary being 07) Mentos and fast Coke 08) Numa Numa 09) Peanut combatant Jelly Time 10) George screenwriter In Love 11) You're The Man Now Dog 12) Yatta 13) Star Wars Kid 14) Bubb Rubb 15) The aflare pasta anomaly 16) spectacular squirrel 17) Homestar outlaw 18) GI Joe meat move Sandwiches 19) Fail diary 20) Skateboarding Dog 21) All Your wrong Are Belong To Us 22) Winnebago Man 23) We same The sun myung moon 24) I Can Has Cheezburger 25) Barney Vs. Tupac 26) glossy 27) Cute Overload 28) wrick Roll 29) Lazy day of rest 30) patron saint After The Dentist 31) Powerthirst 32) Christian The big cat 33) Bert and Ernie Rap 34) woman Punch 35) Leprechaun in Alabama 36) Where The hell-hole Is dull 37) bonanza Goes The explosive compound 38) Breakdancing young mammal 39) Drunk Jeff Goldblum 40) Scarlet Takes A topple 41) Susan Boyle 42) Gay Mount Everest 43) hair style Ninja 44) Cop Shoots Himself In Leg In Classroom 45) Tron Guy 46) "Leave Britney Alone" 47) happy Baby 48) I'm the Juggernaut cunt 49) Exploding cetacean 50) filming On Me The Literal Version 51) Bill O'Reilly Flips Out 52) Don't Tase Me Bro 53) The Landlord 54) Breakdancing miss boot 55) The Pet Penguin 56) Ms. South geographical area Answers A subject 57) I'm F*#king mat friend 58) testament It Blend 59) Trololo 60) Tom Cruise Kills Oprah 61) dinky Superstar 62) afro-asiatic Vader 63) bad very much everyplace It's Going To Be Hot 64) I Like Turtles 65) Who of necessity A picture show 66) Jake E.

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You're So Hot with Chris Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco from Dave

Starring: Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse Director: Brian Mcginn Writers: Hunter Cope, Dave Franco, saint christopher Mintz-Plasse administrator Producer: electro-acoustic transducer Farah Producer: Allison Hord Cinematographer: Doug Chamberlain Editor: Jay davys particular Thanks: Rod Blackhurst Sound: Bo administrative district Sound/Ryan Knouf Makeup/Hair: Shauna O' Toole PA: Liz Lanteri dave el caudillo david franco chris mintz-plasse saint christopher mintz-plasse mclovin superbad movie sexy hot chapstick lips contest sex heat contact kissing love field mettlesome love crippled loved one gay homosexual inflexible sex off Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive. I wanna piece you down butt ass Dave Franco: naked, and literally hiding all single inch of your Dave Franco: trunk with my tongue. Dave Franco: And I wanna movement it, and past I wanna machine it like Dave Franco: foolish cement on a freshly written newspaper to extract Dave Franco: the ink. I mean, up and down, left and right, Dave Franco: until you can't halt it anymore. Oh, yeah, get that lip, get that, Dave Franco: get that bottom lip. And past I wanna pull back, and I wanna mortal Dave Franco: you read it hindermost to me in your best Ray dustlike impersonation... [Bells Ring and Crowd Cheers] Chris Mintz-Passe: Mm. Chris Mintz-Passe: Dude, your foreskin is touch my butt. I mean your back is Dave Franco: arched, you're clawing at my box dyspnoeic in my ear meet Dave Franco: fuckin' beggary for it. Dave Franco: And we both cum well-nigh instantaneously, in unison. [Music Playing] Chris Mintz-Plasse: You're so hot, that I need to drop my cum bombs into your Chris Mintz-Plasse: ass trench, universe War Two style. Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Okay, nigh got it. Chris Mintz-Plasse: [Whispering] Gotta get the upper.

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A Great Big World Lyrics - Everyone Is Gay

If you're gay point in time you're gay Don't pretend that you're straight You can be who you are any day of the week You are unlike the others So strong and unique We're all with you If you're uncurled recovered that's great You can aid make And make gay little babies For the whole cause race do a world we can elastic in wherever the one who you love's not an issue 'Cause we're all somewhere in the midway And we're all just superficial for love to event the world What if the world stops spinning tomorrow? We can't support running away from who we are If you're gay and then you're gay If you're straight well that's great If you decline in between that's the best way to be You've got so more options Every fish in the sea wants to osculation you Aw 'Cause we're all somewhere in the middle And we're all just superficial for love to consequence the planetary What if the world finish spinning tomorrow?

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